We only use qualified writers

All of our work is guaranteed to be written by a an author with appropriate qualifications and experience. Additionally, your writer is guaranteed to have completed at least 3 pieces of work, so the quality is proven.

Experienced writers only

Other companies may use your paper as a test to trial new writers.

We’ll never assign an unproven writer. All writers have completed at least 3 pieces of work.

Completed on time or your money back and your work for free!

You won’t stress out anxiously awaiting your work! We are extremely punctual. In fact, all of our work is guaranteed to be completed on time, or we’ll give you your money back and deliver the work for free.

Guranteed satisfaction or free changes

100% satisfaction guarantee: if you feel our work has not lived up to our guarantees or your instructions, just let us know within 7 days of the paper’s date and we will make the necessarry changes free of charge. You can extend this period for a small fee.

Plagiarism scanned – free report

All work is confidentially scanned using our internal plagiarism scanning software that detects copying or editing of didgital information, spanning over 10 billion web pages, digital books, journals, over 150,000 essays and 35,000 historical papers from past writers.

No resale guarantee

All work is covered by our no resale guarantee. Your paper will never be published, resold, contracted, or given away -ever. Your work will never appear on an external database or other website. We will never sell, distribute, publish or otherwise give away the same work that has been given to you.

Fully referenced in the style you require

All work is fully referenced, in a style of your choice – and comes with a bibliography.

Changes are delivered on time

Changes will be delivered on time or you will be entitled to a 10% discount for each day late.

100% confidential

All orders are treated with the utmost confidence. We will never give your name or project details to anyone. Additionally, our writers are bound by a similar confidentiality agreement: your contact information is withheld and they will not disclose your project details to anyone.

With our guarantees, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by ordering today!